Head Measurement Details

1. Around your head
Measure the total distance around your head. Start at your natural hairline in the front, ("0" on the tape measure) to just above your ears, and around the back to the bend of your neck and to the front of your head.
2. Front to back
Bend your head back. Measure from your natural hairline in the front of your forehead, back over the crown to the bend where your head meets the top of your neck.
3. Ear to ear
Begin to measure at the top front of one ear, lay the tape measure up and over the crown of your head to the same position on your other ear.

Head Measurement & Sizing

Sizes Around Head Front To Back Ear to Ear
Small 21" 13.25" 13"
Medium 21.5" 14.25" 13.5"
Large 12" 15.25" 14"
The pictures above this table show you how to measure your head correctly. Please remember ordering small medium or large is not like buying a coat or t-shirt. If you are a big person do not assume you need a large swim cap. If you have lots of hair do not assume you need a large swim cap. This is a swim cap designed to keep your hair dry under water as well as normal swimming.