What Our Customers Say About Us.

PR Hollywood USA
I received my cap yesterday. I ordered it maybe a little big I have hair to my elbows. It is the best cap I have ever used. Very little water actually gets in there, which is amazing. I'm going to blog about you. I am so unfortunate I have a hurt foot and swimming is the only way I can loose any unwanted weight.
Hollywood USA
After discovering I have Plantar Fasciitis, I had to deal with the fact that I could no longer walk 4 miles a day. I was gaining weight and becoming very unhappy. After some debate, I decided swimming would be the best way to go (I have successfully lost 17 pounds since 01/11) and joined the YMCA to use the public pool. I researched and googled until my fingers fell off how to protect my long hair that....well is clearly one of my best assets! At first my only option was a popular main stream name in a "long hair cap" My hair was getting wet everyday. It was getting more and more dry, and the texture was changing. I piled conditioning treatments under the cap, and after shampooing, but it wasn't enough. Then I finally found AQUAPRIDE. I ordered my cap a Medium in Volumer range, black. Now my hair only gets wet maybe a inch and a half around my neck and ears. My bun on top of my head stays, almost completely dry! Protect those delicate ends!!! I use a pre-treatment before hand on the small area's that do get wet. Also, the cap keeps the water out of my ears. It is snug around the base of the neck where water usually enters caps. I dive deeply in the water, and my AQUAPRIDE cap is amazing. I live in Hollywood land of the long hairs, extensions, you name it. At the pool I watch as women's caps slip off their heads while swimming exposing their hair to all that chlorine, everyday. My best friends hair turned green! Everyday someone asks me where I got it, and everyday I answer Aquapride.com! If you want to insure your hair gets as much protection as possible from high chlorine pools, do yourself a favor and buy this cap!
Melanie -
Just wanted to say how I am impressed with your service. My hat came very quickly. I went swimming today and was doubly impressed with how dry my locks were once finished. Very very happy with the hat and I will be spreading the word! Kind regards,
Faith -
Dear Aquapride Shop Thank you so much for your prompt replies to my emails. I have just ordered and paid for the volumer in a large black size online. Thank you so much for the kind gift of the mini volumer- it is deeply appreciated and very unexpected! Your customer service has been exceptional and I look forward to receiving my new order. Be blessed.
Iyabo -
Thank you so much for the prompt delivery of my hats, the order I made earlier this week has also arrived. I have a number of people that require the Aqua Pride hats so I'm sure they will be in touch with you in due course. I will be ordering a few more at the end of the month, as I want a couple of blue ones. Thanks again
Sandy Holder
Wow, thank you so much for your prompt response. And may I congratulate you on such amazing customer service. Your product is excellent and since I purchased the first one allowed me to get back to my love of swimming without the hassle of having a wet back for the rest of the day. Again Many Thanks