Product Information
Unique Swim hats for long and short hair, great for weaves, extensions and locs!
Product features:
> Award winning waterproof stretchy fabric
> Chlorine resistant
> Durable
> Easily washable
> Maximum comfort in and out of water
> Light weight and compact
> Adjustable Volumer and Volumer Plus hat
height for changing hair styles
Suitable for:
> Afro and European hair types
> Short and long hair including braids
> Afro's,locs and twists
> Colour treated and permed hair
> Intricate hair styles
> Adults and children
Styles of swim hats available:
> Mini Volumer- for short hair
> Volumer- for long hair
> Volumer Plus - for extra long hair
> Skull cap - for short hair

Choosing the correct swim cap by hair length.

Aquapride provide hats to suit any hair length. Swim hats are available in:
• Mini-Volumer
• Volumer
• Volumer Plus
Q. What's the difference?
A. The three styles vary in length. The Volumer and Volumer Plus use poppers to adjust the volume available in the hat giving the customer extra flexibility for changing hairstyles.

Q. What are the poppers used for?
A. The poppers are used to style the swim cap and adjust the amount of volume of the swim cap.

Q. If I have a big head do I need to order a large size?
A. Not necessarily. Costumers need to consider just two separate things 1) the style needed (mini Volumer, Volumer or Volumer plus) based on hair length alone 2) then their head size based on the circumference around the head, usually measured by small medium and large

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